Frequently Asked Question

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Saltwater fishing licenses are the only piece of the puzzle we cannot supply. They can be purchased at Method Marine fuel dock, 380 Main Street in Tofino, or online at this link.

The bounty from your day’s efforts will be cleaned, filleted, and packaged. If desired arrangements for processing, smoking, or shipping can be made through one of our local canneries. A delicious way to preserve your catch!

We do our best to provide up to date weather reports and advise of any present or approaching conditions that warrant special clothing. It is always a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweater and pants when on the water. Proper footwear is strongly encouraged and Flats or dress shoes are not recommended and rubber boats or non-slip shoes are ideal.

If there is anxiety around seasickness or you are aware of someone in your party being vulnerable to seasickness, an anti nausea aid is recommended. In order to be effective, it should be administered 24 hrs prior to trip time. Consult a pharmacist for suggestions right for you.

Yes. Not to worry there is a full washroom facility in the cabin of the vessel.

All our operators have the necessary certifications to ferry passengers. All captains have training in vessel operation and navigation, marine-specific first aid, emergency response, and safety procedures along with radio and communications certification. All training is done according to federal laws regulated through Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard.

Our Tofino fishing charters carry all mandated safety equipment and more. We are certified through Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard to operate in coastal and offshore waters. We also participate in a non-mandatory safety program. The ‘Blue Decal’ program includes compulsory annual inspections of our vessels and ensures certifications are up to date.

We are constantly insuring our carbon footprint is minimized to the fullest extent. We run brand new, low emissions motors on our boats, don’t discharge bilges at sea, recover all trash and recyclables on board our boats, and participating in local and offsite environmental cleanup programs with an emphasis on ocean wise practices.

Fishing guides and instructors are stewards of a fragile resource and the fisheries on the West Coast require us to implement measures that protect it. As a result we neither encourage nor participate in ‘catch and release’ sport fishing. This doesn’t mean we don’t release fish but rather we don’t set out targeting any species of fish with the intent of releasing them. Catch and release processes have proven to be associated with high mortality rates in fish, due to stress, infection and blood loss.

Trips cancelled by the tour operator or due to foul weather will be reimbursed with a full refund. Trips cancelled by guests outside of 30 days will be issued a full refund. All trips cancelled due to weather conditions will be refunded in full. However, this rarely occurs.

Tipping is certainly not mandatory although it is appreciated by your guides.  Tipping should be a reflection of the level of service you received during your tour. In guiding industries tips can be heavily relied upon, as the seasons are typically shorter and restricted to summer months only.

A general rule is anywhere from 15%-25%

The answer is yes. You are free to consume alcohol on the vessel during your time on the water with us.