The Safety Net

Coastal is a participant in a new non-mandatory safety compliance program set in place by Transport Canada that sets us apart from our competitors. The Transport Canada ‘Blue Decal’ program ensures that vessels undergo annual inspections, that safety and emergency equipment are in working order and your captains certifications are current and valid.

We perform safety and boat orientations before each voyage and have dedicated tremendous resources to our safety program. We are also proud to have achieved the level of a Certified Tidal Angling Guide (CTAG) through the Institute Training Authority (ITA) This is the highest possible certification in our field and has been earned by less than 500 guides in the province of British Columbia. Before adventure, excitement, fun and fish we put safety first and all elements of our safety net are huge components of your insurance program!

Boat Orientation

Insuring safety aboard our vessels is part of commercial transport requirements and boat orientations are a simple and effective tool in helping to bring awareness to our crew during our excursions. In the unlikely event of an emergency these orientations provide the necessary information to help us all respond appropriately. As such we familiarize our crew with the location of equipment such as VHF radios, emergency beacons and basic boat operation as a part of every per voyage orientation. These orientations take under 5 minutes and are not included in your billed charter time.

We’re Certified for your safety

  • Certified Tidal Angling Guide (CTAG)

  • Canadian Coast Guard ‘Blue Decal’ Qualified

  • Transport Canada Certified

  • Personal Injury Guest Insurance

  • Personal Property Guest Insurance

  • Pacific Salmon Foundation Member (PSF)
Sport Fishing Institute Member (SFI)


West Coast Guides Association Member (WCGA)